Ready, Set, BeDazzle manufacturers its rhinestone apparel using a unique process designed to prevent the bling from separating from the garment. To ensure the greatest longevity and to further reduce the chances of your rhinestones falling off, please follow these easy steps.

  • Do not apply any chemicals to the rhinestones when treating stains or spots. This may cause damage to the glue that holds the rhinestones in place.
  • Turn apparel inside out to wash.  This will prevent wear and tear on the rhinestones from other items in the was (zippers, buttons, etc.)
  • Wash your apparel with similar colored items using the gentle cycle.
  • Do not bleach! Bleach will compromise the strength of the glue used to hold rhinestones in place.
  • Hang dry and do not stretch or distort your shirt. 

Wear and Care